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Why work with us

You'll have the opportunity to design your meaningful career. Based on your own aspirations, you'll be encouraged to shape your career path by alternating between the various functions, contexts and cultures. PianakinDigilife offers all employees of the company numerous opportunities.

You'll be highly welcomed to bring in your ideas and take initiative. Your desire to innovate and experiment will always be encouraged. You'll make one learning a day. Learning something new each day means you keep growing every day! Working on a project, sharing experiences with your teams/colleagues, become the opportunity to develop both at professional and personal level.

At PinakinDigilife , we all have talents and we all are Talents. We'll respect your uniqueness and develop your talents to their maximum. Beyond skills, we're looking for people with heart and personality. We believes that the group’s strength and its ability to generate new ideas stem directly from its capacity for welcoming a wide variety of profiles.

Email: [email protected]