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In order to help manufacturing firms get the better of these pain-points, we at PinakinDigilife specially have a Manufacturing Solution based on industry R & D to cater to the needs of rapidly growing manufacturing units. Offered as a service, the integrated solution helps keep investments low while delivering a host of benefits. Expanding manufacturing firms must also monitor the performance of multiple plants, numerous departments, processes, products and markets. All the while, companies must factor in the effects of changing business dynamics, increasing competition and globalization.


We can help in implementation of a comprehensive system that allows a retail organization to manage every aspect of its business, while streamlining its processes by the very adoption of the solution. Point of Sale, loyalty management, store inventory management, and warehouse management modules are the four pillars of our Retail Solution. The data contained in these is well-defined in the supporting master data management module. The modules are supported by useful merchandise management, customer relationship management, vendor management, replenishment planning, materials management, marketing management, commercials and pricing modules. In addition, the solution seamlessly integrates with associated solutions.

Electronics & Consumer Devices

“PinakinDigilife” helps you in implementation of best suited ERP application that can meets special business requirements i.e. from serial number tracking at multiple levels within finished goods and sub-assemblies, to traceability, warranty and RMA tracking, to regulatory compliance requirements and other concerns, automating the typical electronics manufacturing operation presents challenges that most ERP applications do not adequately address out-of-the-box.

Travel & Hospitality

We provide innovative IT solutions across the entire Travel and Hospitality industry from airlines and hotels to global distribution systems and real estate companies.

Transportation & Logistics

PinakinDigilife helps transportation and logistics organizations streamline operations and improve business performance by implementing relevant IT solutions.

Consumer Packaged

Our services and solutions help optimize business performance, enhance operational efficiencies, align IT to business, reduce costs, improve margins, and constantly sharpen competitive advantage.


We have expertise in standardize systems and procedures implementation , to better manage and deliver education across spatially separated campuses. Its collaborative tools empower you to effectively collaborate with multiple players – alumni industry, global top-tier institutes, policymakers, and learning technology partners – to ensure that the future needs of all the stakeholders are met. The offering helps steer core functions, support functions, as well as the management of institutional resources to achieve more accountability and transparency, and attract more students and the best faculty.